How Auto Accident Attorney Fees Get Paid

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After a serious car crash, you may not think you have the money to pay the attorney fees for a highly experienced auto accident attorney. But Michigan law and contingency fee agreements are designed to make high-quality legal representation available to everyone.

When you are facing piles of hospital bills, prescription copays, and repair costs, the last thing you want is someone else saying you own them money. That’s why auto accident attorneys and Michigan lawmakers have come up with ways to make sure you can afford a lawyer, no matter how much money the doctors say you owe.

Contingency Fee Agreements Put Your Needs First

Many auto accident attorneys, including the team at Christensen Law, use contingency fee agreements to take the burden off of injured motorists. Rather than requiring a client to put up thousands of dollars right from the start, a contingency fee puts the risk on the law firm. In a pure contingency fee arrangement, you pay nothing up front. Instead, all of your court costs, witness fees, and attorney fees come out of the settlement or jury award at the end of the case. You and your attorney will agree on a set percentage that the firm receives at the start.

A contingency fee arrangement makes sure that the lawyers are working hard for you. The firm doesn’t get paid for losing cases, so it is in the attorneys’ best interest to do good work to get you a favorable outcome.

Michigan No-Fault Act Says Sometimes Your Insurance Pays for Your Lawyer

Ideally, the Michigan No-Fault Act is designed to make sure you get your money fast after a car crash. Unfortunately, the reality is that far too many auto insurance claims are denied. And that can lead to a long and drawn out lawsuit.

Juggling debts can be the reality for plaintiffs in auto accident cases. Your attorney may have to negotiate with medical providers, to make sure they accept your settlement. You may also have to use credit cards to pay for replacement services. When your benefits are finally paid, that delay could mean you may need every penny.

The Michigan No-Fault Act accounts for this reality. It acknowledges that when an auto insurance company delays, it is the injured motorist that pays. If your claim is denied unreasonably, your lawyer can ask for interest and attorney fees as part of the award. That way you aren’t left carving interest payments or legal fees out of your lost wage benefits or foregoing necessary replacement services to make ends meet.

At Christensen Law, our attorneys represent all kinds of people. Whether you have plenty of money in the bank, or are living paycheck-to-paycheck, we want to make sure you receive top-notch legal representation. Don’t let a lack of funds discourage you. Contact us today for a free consultation, and find out how Christensen Law can help you get all your no-fault benefits.