Auto Insurance Claim Denials

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You get no-fault auto insurance to make sure you will be covered after a car accident. But what do you do when that claim gets denied?

Auto insurance claim denials can cause injured motorists and their families a lot of unnecessary distress. But the auto insurance companies seem to have made it their business strategy to dispute, delay, and deny any claim they can to avoid paying benefits.

Disputed Auto Insurance Claims

An auto insurance claim denial starts when the insurance provider “disputes” your claim. That means the insurance adjuster doesn’t think the company is required to pay some or any of your medical expenses, wage losses, and related expenses. There are several reasons to dispute a claim:

Pre-Existing Injuries

If you happened to have suffered from a bad back or an old sports injury before your your car crash, the insurance company may claim that the treatments you received were based on that injury, rather than the result of your auto accident. But if that pre-existing injury was aggravated or complicated by the crash, those extra treatments can still be covered.

Unnecessary Treatments

The auto insurance companies can have a limited perspective on what modern medicine can do. If your injuries require nontraditional treatments, including physical therapy or massage, the insurance company could deny your claims for coverage, claiming the treatments are unnecessary. Your doctors know what you need to get better. Don’t let an insurance adjuster or independent medical examiner second guess your treatment needs.

Inappropriate Charges

An auto insurance claim denial based on inappropriate charges can be tough for injured motorists. They don’t set their doctor’s fees, so why should they be denied coverage based on how much the hospital charged? They shouldn’t. Insurance companies are required to pay for treatments that are reasonable and necessary. You shouldn’t have to carry the extra burden because you need the best doctors.

Auto Insurance Claim Denials Cause Delays

When your auto insurance claim is denied or disputed it will stretch the time between your injury and receiving your car insurance benefits. By disputing a benefits claim, the insurance company opens the door to examinations, lawsuits, discovery, mediation, and lots of other steps along the way to your recovery.

Sometimes, your medical providers will contact you for payment after they receive an auto insurance claim denial. Don’t be worried. Refer all of your providers’ collection calls to your auto accident attorneys. There are tools that they can use to ensure that your doctors take their payment from your eventual insurance benefit award, instead of from your bank account.

That is why it is so important to get an experienced auto accident attorney on your team as soon as possible after an accident. They can help you file your claim and can fight back after an auto insurance claim denial. David Christensen at Christensen Law has been fighting the insurance companies for decades. He will help you get your medical expenses paid so you don’t have to worry.