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Electricity is part of almost everything we do in the modern world. With so many power lines overhead, there is always the risk of a downed power line. When one of those lines causes injury or wrongful death, you want an experienced electrocution lawyer on your team to get you and your family the recovery you need.

Electrocution law is complex and depends a lot on the facts of your particular case. That can be challenging because often the injured party or the family doesn’t know key information needed to support the case. In a fatal electrocution case, it may take an expert reconstruction of the accident just to understand what happened.

Electrocution Lawyer Serving Bryant Pettengill East

An electrocution lawyer can help you investigate what happened and who might be at fault. Electrocution law falls within the realm of tort negligence law. That means to collect any damages, you and your electrocution lawyer will have to demonstrate what the electrical company should have done, but didn’t.  Often, that will require an in-depth investigation into the installation and maintenance of electrical equipment, including repair logs and consumer complaints.

The courts hold utility companies to a very high standard of care in the work that they do. It is up to the electrical companies to keep their power lines and electrical equipment well maintained. If they fail to do so, the courts have held they can be held liable for injuries to people on the ground, even in some cases where a person runs toward the line to protect someone else.

Your electrocution lawyer will also help you prepare for comparative negligence defenses. The utility company’s defense attorneys will often claim that the injured person caused the injuries through his or her own actions, like trimming trees too close to the power lines.

When an electrical company’s negligence results in a downed power line, your electrocution attorneys in Meijer will be able to collect damages for medical expenses and other economic damages, as well as non-economic losses like pain and suffering, lack of support, and loss of companionship. For fatal electrocution cases, those damages can be awarded to the family of the deceased in a wrongful death action.

Complicated lawsuits take experienced personal injury lawyers. When residents of Bryant pattengill East and Washtenaw County face a life-changing electrical accident, they can rest easy knowing the local attorneys at Christensen Law are experienced electrocution lawyers, ready and able to help. If you or someone you know has been injured or killed in an electrocution accident, contact Christensen Law for a free initial consultation.

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