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If you are a hospital, doctor, or another treatment provider in Ann Arbor, you know it can be hard to get the auto insurance companies to pay you for the work you do on auto accident patients. They second guess your treatment choices and delay paying you as long as possible. In many cases, you have no choice but to file a lawsuit or intervene in your patient’s case.

Which Insurance Should Medical Providers Bill

The first question for medical providers is which insurance to bill. You need to investigate with your patient whether they have medical insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare. You also need to find out whether their auto insurance is “coordinated.”

If your patient has coordinated his or her coverage, you will need to bill the medical insurance first, and the no-fault provider second. In other cases, particularly where there is state-funded medical insurance, you should be billing the no-fault insurance provider directly. The attorneys at Christensen Law can help you answer these questions and file your claims with the right provider and get paid quicker.

Intervening and Filing Suit As A Medical Provider

Your right to collect payment from the auto insurance providers doesn’t depend on your patient. Medical providers can file suit directly against the insurance companies if their payments are unreasonably delayed or denied. Sometimes, it is in your best interest to go it alone and get your compensation directly from the companies.

Other times, though, your patients will have already begun a lawsuit to obtain all their benefits, including your medical provider bills. You can get a medical provider lien, which will protect your right to payment out of any award they receive.

Intervening into your patient’s lawsuit, can sometimes speed the process, and keep costs lower. The personal injury lawyers at Christensen Law will help you plan the best strategy to get paid fully and quickly.

Litigation Delays

Auto insurance providers and their attorneys are experts at delaying payments to medical providers. They will use “independent” medical examinations to second guess your diagnoses and treatment plans. Then they add on actuaries to try to cut down your bills and define what is “reasonable.” When their estimates are unnecessarily low, they will push you to the brink of trial before relenting and entering into a more reasonable settlement. Sometimes, they are even willing to go to trial and lose instead of pay you for your patients’ treatment.

That is why you need skilled Ann Arbor trial lawyers at Christensen Law. With a history of over 20 years of successfully representing medical providers and their patients at trial, David Christensen and his team are a negotiating force to be reckoned with. They will help you get your best-negotiated settlement.

How a Medical Provider Lawyer in Ann Arbor Can Help You

If you can’t reach a resolution, Christensen Law will take the insurance companies to trial. They will prepare you and help you to best testify regarding your procedures, billing, and fees. They will be there to argue on your behalf and get you the no-fault medical provider benefits you deserve. To meet with an Ann Arbor medical law attorney, call us or complete the contact form below.

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