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You are riding down the road on your bicycle when suddenly an impact behind you throws you to the road. What happens in the next few seconds could change the way you live the rest of your life. And the decisions you make afterward, particularly in choosing an Ann Arbor bicycle accident attorney could be just as important.

Bike accidents can cause some of the most serious injuries of all motor vehicle accidents. Because bicyclists are not protected from the impact by steel, fiberglass, and airbags, their bodies absorb the entire impact. Even a relatively low-speed impact can send a rider to the street and cause road rash, broken bones, and concussions.

Meijer Cycling Accidents and the Michigan No-Fault Act

Ann Arbor accident attorneysWhen bicyclists are in accidents with motor vehicles, their injuries are covered by the Michigan No-Fault Auto Insurance Act. Even though they were not in a vehicle at the time, their medical expenses, lost wages, and attendant care will be covered by their own car insurance policy. That’s because when you buy an auto insurance policy in Michigan, you are buying protection against any accident involving a motor vehicle, whether you are the driver, passenger, pedestrian, or on your bicycle.

If a bicyclist does not have auto insurance (possibly because he does not own a car), he can still be covered under Michigan law. The No-Fault Act allows the bicyclist to collect benefits from the policy of a relative in his home, the driver of the vehicle, the owner of the vehicle, or through an Assigned Claim. No matter whether you have coverage or not, your bicycle accident lawyer can still help you file a claim for no-fault benefits.

Negligence Lawsuit After a Bicycle Accident

Depending on how serious your accident is, you may also have a claim against the driver who hit you. This negligence lawsuit picks up where your no-fault benefits leave off. It can compensate you for your pain and suffering, the cost to repair or replace your bicycle and other personal belongings you had on you, and the change in your lifestyle. After a serious bike accident, you may face changes in your everyday life, including not being able to ride again. That kind of disability is covered in your Third Party negligence lawsuit. Your bicycle accident lawyer will help you put a number on these disabilities to help make up for the things you have lost.

Fatal Bicycle Accidents

If a bicycle accident is fatal, the rider’s spouse and dependents are still entitled to all the benefits she would have received if she had lived. In addition, a spouse may have a claim to loss of companionship and support that takes into account the added burden the spouse now faces in running the household without his partner’s help. During this most difficult time, the cycling accident lawyers in Old Waterside at Christensen Law can take the burden off of the family and make sure claims are filed properly and all your rights are respected.

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