Closed-Head Injury Lawyer in Ann Arbor, MI

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A serious auto accident can often lead to a closed head injury and a lifetime of rehabilitation. You need a Bryant Pettengill East closed head injury lawyer who will be in it with you for the long haul, and understands what recovery from brain damage looks like.

When your car goes from 70 miles per hour to stop very quickly, your whole body receives a jolt. The impact can crush bones, cause whiplash, and result in a closed head injury.

What a Closed-Head Injury Looks Like

Ann Arbor accident attorneysA form of TBI, a closed head injury happens when the brain strikes the inside of the skull with enough force to bruise, damage, or cause swelling. That injury can cut off the communication between parts of your brain and your body. Depending on what part of your brain is affected, you could experience:

  • Paralysis or loss of functioning
  • Balance and equilibrium issues
  • Gaps in cognitive function
  • Problems speaking or processing speech
  • Memory issues
  • Sensory issues

However, unlike other forms of traumatic brain injury, a closed head injury does not result in outwardly visible symptoms. There is no skull fracture, external bleeding, or bruising to let you know something bad has happened.

Instead, many closed head injury victims experience symptoms that develop over time – even weeks after the original auto accident. Many of the signs that something is going wrong won’t make you think you need to go to the doctor immediately.

A Closed-Head Injury Lawyer in Bryant pattengill East Can Help

When your auto accident attorney knows the symptoms of TBI, he or she can sometimes be the one to identify your closed head injury. Tell-tale problems answering questions or telling your story may clue your car accident attorney in that there is more wrong than meets the eye.

When that happens, a closed head injury attorney can serve as a point person serving in Meijer, coordinating treatment of your injuries and connecting you to medical professionals specially trained in treating brain injury.

Early detection and treatment of a closed head injury can minimize the effect of swelling and secondary harm. It can prevent an apparently minor brain injury from compounding into a serious, and sometimes permanent disability. Because an auto accident attorney can get involved in the days immediately following the crash, we can help you get back to your life faster.

Closed-Head Injury Insurance Benefits

At Christensen Law, we know how to handle brain injury cases. Even when auto insurance companies want to cut off benefits, we will fight to make sure you receive the ongoing treatment you need. Our founder, David Christensen, is one of the state’s leading brain injury attorneys. We will fight for you and your no-fault benefits and make sure all your medical needs are taken care of. If you have suffered a closed head injury, contact Christensen Law today for a free consultation.

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