When to Call an Auto Accident Attorney

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If you have been in a serious car accident, things can happen fast. In the first few hours you will deal with police, emergency medical technicians, doctors, and maybe insurance agents. But how soon should you call an auto accident lawyer?

A lawyer who focuses on auto law and personal injury should be near the top of your list of people to call. Your next few days will likely involve a whirlwind of medical professionals – nurses, doctors, and even surgeons. At the same time insurance adjusters will be pressuring you and your family members to explain what happened and describe your injuries. You have better things to focus on during this critical time.

Especially in serious injury accidents, the first few days can be critical to the healing process. Even in the best trauma centers, the full extent of your injuries may not be apparent until days later. A specially trained auto accident attorney can stand between you and all the insurance providers and run interference so you can focus on your medical needs.

This separation between you and your insurance adjuster is also important for the long term success of your insurance claim and any later litigation. When insurance adjusters start asking questions, you could accidentally limit your benefits by forgetting to mention an injury or admitting fault.

Instead, let the auto accident attorneys at Christensen Law handle the paperwork. They can help you gather information and file a claim promptly without inadvertently including information that could hurt you later on. The staff at Christensen Law are here to help you through the process and know just the right questions to ask to make sure everything is covered.

Just because you call an auto accident lawyer right away doesn’t mean your case is necessarily going to trial, or even to court. Often, by getting a personal injury lawyer involved early in your claims application process, you can make it harder for the insurance company to delay paying you the benefits you deserve.

More importantly, you will have the peace of mind to know that experienced professionals are in your corner, representing you against the insurance company, and making sure everything is taken care of. The start-to-finish service offered by Christensen Law lawyers and staff can help you put your attention where it is best served – in recovering from your injuries.

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After a serious car accident, you need the best team working for you. From doctors and therapists, to home care helpers, to lawyers, you want to make sure all of your needs are met. The auto accident lawyers are here for you as soon as the accident happens, and they will stick by you all the way to make sure you get the best recovery possible.