David Christensen Advocates for Special Needs Sexual Assault Victim

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A 15 year old girl with special needs was sexually assaulted in a school bathroom by another student who videotaped the incident and distributed it via social media. Now the school board is refusing to let her come back to school. Personal injury attorney, David Christensen, advocates for her rights in an interview with Fox 2 Detroit news.

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The Christensen Law team is standing up for a Southfield Public Schools student who has been “dis-enrolled” after she was the victim of sexual assault in the High School bathroom.

The 15-year-old special needs student was enrolled at SRAC, the district’s alternative high school. Her attacker gave her instructions to board a bus and meet him in the boy’s restroom in the general high school, where the sexual assault occurred on September 28.

The next morning, the victim started getting screenshots of herself in the midst of the sexual assault. Her attacker had recorded the event using his cell phone, sending photos and video to the victim and friends. Her mother told Fox 2 Detroit:

“She says no you don’t understand he videotaped it and he sent it to the other students and now they’re all sending me screen shot. . . . I said let me see it and she showed it to me.”

Her mother is in “horror and shock” that this happened and that this boy “had distributed this to God knows how many people.”

Equally shocking is how the Southfield Public Schools reacted to the incident. Rather than reacting to the sexual assault, the school suspended the victim for skipping school and then told her she had been dis-enrolled and was not welcome back.

Dr. Lynda Wood, the Southfield Public Schools Superintendent responded to Fox 2 Detroit’s inquiry:

“The allegations are currently under investigation by the Southfield Police Department. At this time, Southfield Public Schools’ has no evidence of a sexual assault, nor any evidence that a video was distributed. We value our students education and will enroll all students who can provide accurate enrollment information.”

But that welcome hasn’t extended to the girl sexually assaulted on their watch. The victim’s mother is still in a state of disbelief. She cannot understand how this happened to her daughter.

“How could this happen? It’s unbelievable to me. . . . I just wanted my child safe and to be in school.”

Attorney David Christensen is coming to her defense:

“This is a young lady who needs help. She wants to be in school. They need to take her back and put her in school and help her heal not only from the harm inflicted on their watch but the harm they’ve inflicted on her now.”

The Christensen Law team represents students who are hurt at school. They take up these cases to get student victims back to school and make sure they are safe. If you know a student who has been hurt at school, contact Christensen Law today for a free consultation.