Three Reasons Truck Accident Lawsuits Can Be Complicated

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Being involved in a collision with a semi-truck is a scary event. These types of accidents are generally worse than other types due to the size discrepancy between your vehicle and an 18-wheeler. Once you’ve been in an accident, you will likely have serious if not catastrophic injuries, as well as a pile of damages.

When you weren’t the one responsible for the collision, then you can file an injury claim against the trucker or the trucking company. Truck crash claims can be more complicated and challenging to win than other types of claims, for various reasons. Below, we discuss the top three reasons truck crash lawsuits are so difficult.

Top Three Reasons Truck Accident Lawsuits Are Challenging

There Are Many People Involved

When you are in a crash involving a semi-truck, it can be more difficult to figure out the cause of the wreck and who is liable. Many different people are involved, including the people and companies responsible for loading the truck, as well as mechanics and repair shops that service semis. The trucking company’s rules and regulations are also something to consider.

All these factors play a role in figuring out what caused the accident and whom you can bring a civil claim against. This makes truck crash cases very complex and difficult.

The Trucker’s Company Has a Fierce Insurance Company

Trucking companies are businesses and they know there are risks every time their drivers hit the road with a haul. These trucking companies pay substantially for a large insurer that will fight against lawsuits.

These insurance companies work very hard to minimize lawsuits and to lower the value of claims that are filed against the trucking company. The insurer is just doing their job—protecting the trucking company that they work for. You are going to be dealing with some fierce adversaries.

Large Settlements Can Be More Difficult to Win

When you’ve been in a crash with a big rig, your injuries are almost guaranteed to be substantial. These serious injuries could change your life, and you will likely be asking for a large settlement to pay for all your damages and any future expenses.

In many cases, you won’t be able to work again, your mobility could be limited, and you may even require caregiving assistance for life. You will need a large settlement in order to survive, but that means that the insurer will fight harder. They are more willing to pay out on small claims, but will fight harder against large ones.

Get Legal Help With Your Trucking Collision Lawsuit

There’s no question that filing a lawsuit against a trucker or trucking company can be more challenging than other types of injury claims. That doesn’t mean you should ever give up. When others have caused you injury, you have a right to hold them accountable.

Your claim will have a better chance of a successful outcome when you work with an attorney from Christensen Law. Reach us through the online contact form on this page or call us.