Michigan School Bus Accident Lawyer

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School Bus Accident

An injury from a school bus accident can result in the collision of several different types of Michigan law. Without an experienced Michigan school bus accident lawyer on your team, you could find yourself caught up in the middle of several powerful defendants.

When an auto accident involves a school bus, things can get complicated. You need to know where to file claims, and against whom, to make sure your family’s medical expenses are appropriately covered. Here are a list of the players who may be involved in your child’s school bus injury accident case.

Auto Insurance Companies

The first place to turn after a school bus accident is the family’s auto insurance company. A child is usually covered by a policy owned by his or her parent as a “resident relative.” That no-fault insurance policy will cover medical expenses and attendant care costs, including day care while the child is unable to attend school. When a child’s parents are separated, or don’t have a no-fault insurance policy of their own, there may be a question about whose insurance policy applies. Your Michigan school bus accident lawyers will need to get specific about the details of the family situation and their insurance.

Public School Districts

When a child is the victim of a serious injury accident, his or her damages may go beyond First Party no-fault benefits. In those cases, an experienced Michigan school bus accident lawyer can file a Third Party lawsuit against the at-fault bus driver and his or her employer. Most school buses are operated by a public school district. Because these are government agencies, a school district will often raise defenses of “governmental immunity.” It is up to your legal team to fight those defenses and make sure your injuries are covered.

Transportation Companies

It is dangerous to assume you know who is hiring your school bus driver. In some areas, school buses are run by centralized transportation companies, rather than school districts. Those transportation companies often have extensive insurance to cover the negligence of their drivers. So your lawsuit may name a transportation company, but involve another insurance company into the negotiations.

A school bus injury accident puts a lot of parties into play. Negotiating among insurance providers, the school district, and the at-fault bus driver can be complicated. Often, insurance adjusters will try to get the matter resolved quickly for less than the full value of your claim. Don’t negotiate alone. Contact the experienced Michigan school bus accident lawyer at Christensen Law to make sure you protect all of your rights.