Non-Economic Loss in Michigan

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Money can never make up for the suffering experienced in a serious auto accident, or for being permanently disabled as a result. But money awarded for these kinds of “Non-Economic Loss” can help you adjust to your new standard of living.

What are Non-Economic Losses?

Non-Economic Losses can be recovered in Third Party Lawsuits where another driver’s carelessness causes you or a loved one death, permanent disfigurement, or “serious impairment of body function.” That means your injury interferes with your daily life in a significant way.

In those cases, your attorney will make a claim for “non-economic loss” or “non-monetary damages.” These are things that you can’t produce a bill for, but caused a harm anyway:

If you are married or have children, your family may also be able to claim “loss of consortium” – that you weren’t there as a companion in the same way you were before the accident.

How Can a Lawyer Prove Non-Economic Losses?

Because there is no bill for services when it comes to a non-economic loss, it can be difficult for a lawyer to show how much you should receive for your injuries. Your lawyer will likely focus on differences in your life before and after the accident. For example:

  • Did you have to quit playing a sport or doing a hobby?
  • How much pain medication do you take on any given day?
  • Are there chores around the house you can no longer do yourself?
  • How has your injury affected the way you look, sound, or behave?

Your attorney will then help you put a value on that loss based on your life expectancy and the severity of your injuries. This can be an emotional time, especially if your injuries are permanent. Consider bringing a support person when you meet with your lawyer who can help you think about how your injury has affected your life.

Christensen Law employs experienced auto accident attorneys and paralegals. They will help you identify and put a value on your non-economic losses so that you can recover what you need to help make up for your injures. While no amount of money will make you whole, the attorneys at Christensen Law will help you live comfortably with your new condition.