Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

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Motorcycle Accident Injuries should be taken seriously. Motorcycles provide little protection for riders, which, of course, is part of the thrill and the appeal. But any motorcycle driver needs to be aware of the injuries that could occur if they are involved in an accident. Whether it’s a solo crash or a collision with motor vehicle, accidents for motorcyclists rarely leave them without injury and, unfortunately, are often fatal. Eighty percent of motorcycle accidents result in injury or death, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Some of the most common injuries in motorcycle accidents include:

  1. Head injuries
    In Michigan, wearing a helmet while operating a motorcycle is optional. With head injuries coming in as the most common injury from motorcycle accidents, opting not to wear a helmet is certainly accompanied by elevated risks. Concussions, traumatic brain injuries, and brain damage can all occur in a motorcycle accident and, in the worst cases, these injuries are debilitating or even fatal. A motorcyclist can collide directly with another vehicle; slam into medians, trees, or other static objects; be thrown from their bike sideways or over the handlebars; be crushed by their bike or another vehicle; or slide across the road. Any of these occurrences can cause a traumatic brain injury or neck injury, and quite often these injuries are impossible to recover from completely and, thus, life-altering.
  2. Road rash
    When a motorcyclist slides across the pavement in a motorcycle accident and concrete rubs on any exposed skin, a motorcyclist can sustain road rash. In many cases, thin clothing can be scraped away by the pavement and reach the skin underneath. Road rash is not like brush burn which is slightly annoying but will heal easily. While cuts, bruises, and scrapes are all possible side effects of road rash, more permanent damage can occur, such as skin infections and surface nerve damage. Sufferers of road rash may need skin grafts if the skin has been torn down to the muscle and antibiotics to avoid infection. Motorcycle jeans, gloves, jackets, kneepads, and other protective gear can help guard against road rash. And all the bikers you see wearing leather? It’s not just a motorcycle “thing” – leather is the best material to help protect a rider from road rash in case of an accident.
  3. Lower extremity injuries
    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 30 percent of non-fatal motorcycle injuries occur on the legs and feet. Lower extremity injuries can include broken legs or feet; scrapes, cuts, or road rash caused by skidding; and severe bruising. Quite often, a rider’s leg can be quickly caught under the motorcycle, causing a fracture. Pelvis breaks are not uncommon, and a biker’s knees can also be shattered in a motorcycle accident. While lower extremity injuries such as these are not typically fatal, if not properly treated the wounds or trauma could turn painful and be permanently disabling.
  4. Biker’s arm
    Biker’s arm is a common motorcycle accident injury, and it occurs when the nerves in a motorcycle rider’s arm are damaged from a fall off of the bike. This force from this kind of injury has been known to cause permanent nerve damage and even paralysis. Bikers often react automatically and attempt to catch themselves, break their fall when they crash, or wrap their arms around themselves in order to lessen the impact that’s coming. The greater the impact with the road or object around them, however, the greater damage to the nerves in their arms and sometimes even the upper body. Wrist and arm fractures are also common in motorcycle accidents. Jackets and elbow pads won’t prevent biker’s arm from occurring, but the presence of this safety gear could lessen the injury.

Protect Yourself in Case of a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcyclists are taught defensive moves when they are learning to ride so that they are able to avoid disaster in many situations or know how to properly lay the bike down while it’s moving if they foresee an accident. Being a good motorcyclist means remaining constantly aware of your surroundings, and not depending on the motor vehicle operators around you to make you their priority.

Wearing safety gear, riding with caution and skill, avoiding reckless maneuvers, and surrounding yourself with other safe motorcycle riders – not daredevils – are the right kind of precautions to take so that you can enjoy your time on your motorcycle and keep yourself and those around you safe.

Christensen Law – The Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Michigan Who Gets Results

At Christensen Law, we have great sympathy for anyone who is injured in a motorcycle accident. There are many circumstances that can cause a motorcycle accident to occur, including poor road conditions, bad weather, blind spots, construction zones, motorcycle malfunction, and the actions of motor vehicle operators around you, including drunk, distracted, or inexperienced drivers.

Motorcycle accidents can be very serious. If you or someone you love has been involved in a Michigan motorcycle accident, visit an experienced personal injury attorney who will get you compensation for your injuries. Hire David Christensen at Christensen Law today to handle your motorcycle accident case.