Michigan Electrocution Cases

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We live and work in a wired world. We live under a canopy of hi voltage wires and plug in to the system every day. We never anticipate any problem. When electrocution happens, it is almost always because of someone or some company’s negligence.

Christensen Law has substantial experience representing the victims of electrocution. These tragic cases can be complex and challenge even the best attorneys. David Christensen and his team have the experience to know where to start, how to deal with the electrical company and contractors’ defenses, and ultimately recover compensation for the victim’s family in the wake of their horrible loss.

Proving who is at fault is a challenge in electrocution cases and should only be tackled by a specialist. The attorneys at Christensen Law know the landscape in these complicated cases. They know how to marshal the brainpower of engineers and other experts from a wide variety of fields to get the best result for their clients.

Avoid Electrocution While Trimming Trees in Michigan

Christensen Law has won some of the largest awards in Michigan for the families of electrocution victims. They have the experience and know-how to handle any electrical injury claim.