Closed-Head Injury Lawyer in Michigan

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Why You Should See a Closed-Head Injury Attorney in Michigan 

After an auto accident, a closed head injury can affect every part of your life. A form of traumatic brain injury, it could result in permanent disability and a loss of independence.

A closed head injury can affect everything from balance to memory, to taste. Because different parts of the brain control different aspects of bodily functions, one closed head injury symptom could be drastically different than the next. That means the treatment of closed head injuries needs to be personalized as well.

How Closed-Head Injuries Happen

When the brain is jolted to the point that it strikes the inside of the skull, it can cause bruising and swelling. The accumulation of blood around the nerves of the brain can interfere with how signals are passed. When signals aren’t carried to or received from the rest of the body it can result in paralysis, loss of control, and other substantial disabilities.

Auto accidents often cause closed head injuries because the sudden change in velocity – from moving to stopped. The same car crashes that cause whiplash injuries in the neck can result in significant damage to the brain as well.

Diagnosis of Closed Head Injuries

Closed head injuries can be particularly hard for doctors to diagnose because there is often no outward sign or symptom. Like other forms of TBI, they require careful screening by trained medical professionals.

Closed head injuries may not manifest right away either. So even if you go to the Emergency Room immediately after the auto accident, you could find yourself back in your doctor’s office weeks later with lost functioning.

Fighting For Closed-Head Injury No-Fault Benefits

When an auto accident results in a closed head injury, you may be in for a fight to get no-fault benefits from your auto insurance company. Insurance adjusters are quick to say that behavioral challenges and cognitive dysfunction were not a result of the accident. They may also say that further treatment is “not medically necessary” because you have already reached your maximum recovery.

These arguments can cut off seriously injured motorists from crucial ongoing medical treatment. It takes an auto accident attorney with traumatic brain injury experience to demonstrate to judge and jury that:

  • Your symptoms were caused by a closed brain injury
  • Ongoing rehabilitation is necessary
  • That you will continue to benefit from that treatment

At Christensen Law, our founder David Christensen is an industry leader in defending closed head injury victims and getting them the no-fault benefits and third party damages they need. We know what it takes to fight back against the insurance companies and prove your case. If you have suffered a closed head injury as the result of an auto accident, contact Christensen Law today for a free consultation.