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Jackson Personal Injury Lawyer

Rebuilding your life after you’ve been seriously injured is no easy feat. Your accident has caused you tremendous physical and mental suffering, and the medical bills are likely overwhelming. The fact that you may not be able to work for a while can further complicate your life.

You may need the services of a Jackson personal injury lawyer who will invest his or her time and energy into getting you the compensation you need to cover all of the expenses your accident has caused in your life.

We’ll work closely with your medical providers, witnesses, and law enforcement officials to gather all the documentation needed to prove your case, and we won’t rest until you’ve been fully compensated for your injuries and all their associated hardships. Working with a Jackson injury lawyer from Christensen Law can allow you to recover your losses after someone else has hurt you. Call us for a free consultation today!

What Leads to a Jackson Personal Injury Claim?

Below are some common Jackson personal injury case types we handle and the serious injuries often associated with them:

  • Car Accidents: Vehicle collisions frequently cause serious injuries, such as whiplash, broken bones, and spine and head injuries. If your injuries are serious enough, your case may qualify to be taken outside of Michigan’s no-fault insurance system so you can recover the losses your personal injury protection (PIP) benefits may not cover.
  • Motorcycle Accidents: Riders are at risk of catastrophic injuries when they are in an accident, and we make sure to help victims recover fair compensation after negligence causes their accident.
  • Commercial Truck Accidents: Crashes with commercial vehicles can be quite complex, as there could be multiple parties involved when determining liability. Both state and federal laws may come into play, so trying to handle a truck accident alone can be quite difficult.
  • Premises Liability Cases: Slip-and-fall accidents, dog bites, and unsafe pools are examples of accidents that lead to premises liability cases in Jackson. You could suffer serious puncture wounds, head trauma, broken bones, and more from these kinds of accidents.
  • Construction Accidents: If you are injured on a worksite, you may be able to sue a negligent third party who caused your injuries. Construction accidents are quite unique, as most people are covered by the employer’s workers’ compensation, but there are cases where injured construction workers can file a personal injury lawsuit.
  • Wrongful Death Cases: When a loved one passes away from an accident, including those listed above, you may be able to file a lawsuit for damages.

When negligent actions cause you harm, you have the right to seek damages. Our law firm offers legal representation at no upfront cost to you, so do not hesitate to reach out.

Jackson Accident Victims Deserve Compensation From Negligent Parties

Financial recovery can make all the difference for people hurt after someone behaved recklessly or negligently. We make sure to seek all possible forms of compensation when you work for us. You may be able to pursue:

  • Medical bills and expenses, both current and future
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Lost income and earning potential
  • Loss of enjoyment
  • Loss of consortium
  • Wrongful death damages, including funeral and burial expenses

Every case is different, so you may be eligible for other forms of compensation, depending on the details of your case. Call us now for help.

Establishing Liability for a Jackson Personal Injury Case

As the injured party, it’s up to you to show that the other party was negligent and thus liable for your damages. Our lawyers will take this task on as part of their duties, so you do not have to stress about the legal aspects.

Our Jackson attorneys must show that the other party owed you a duty of care and that they failed to uphold said duty. For example, anyone operating a vehicle owes a duty of care to the other drivers. We must show that their actions directly resulted in your harm and that you have injuries and losses associated with these actions.

The other party may try to say that they did not owe you a duty of care or that their actions did not actually violate this duty. They may even try to say your injuries are not that bad or would have happened anyway, even without their actions. Our accident lawyers will fight back against these tactics, so you do not have to.

Modified Comparative Negligence in Personal Injury Cases

Per Mich. Comp. Laws Ann. § 600.2959, you can pursue damages even if you were somewhat at fault for the incident that caused your losses. Don’t immediately discount your case just because you think you were at fault. It’s possible you were less at fault than you think or that you weren’t at fault at all.

However, if you are more than 50 percent responsible, your compensation can be reduced. The other party may try to blame you for the accident and say you are more liable, and you could lose out on compensation. Our lawyers will make sure your case is fairly assessed, and we will advocate for the full amount where possible.

Michigan’s Personal Injury Statute of Limitations

You may not be sure whether you qualify to file a Jackson personal injury claim after an accident, but if you’ve been seriously injured by another person’s carelessness, chances are you will qualify to recover damages.

Even if you’re unsure about your case, don’t delay speaking with an injury attorney; Michigan’s statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim is only three years from the date of the accident. If you wait too long, you may miss your chance to recover compensation.

A Jackson Personal Injury Attorney You Can Count On

Filing a personal injury claim is an intimidating step to take. The thought of suing someone may be overwhelming, but you don’t have to go through this experience alone. Remember, you deserve compensation after an accident caused by someone else’s failure to take your safety seriously.

You can get help with your case today by calling a Jackson personal injury lawyer at Christensen Law. Complete our online contact form below or call us to schedule a no-cost, no-pressure consultation.