How Your Lawyer Can Use a Log Book in Your Truck Accident Lawsuit

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Semi truck accidents can lead to very serious injuries. Many are even fatal. When your life is turned upside down, you need truck accident attorneys who will use every tool at their disposal to win your case. One such tool is the log book.

What is a Truck Driver’s Log Book?

Every commercial truck driver is legally required to keep a log book. This ledger records each trip the driver takes including information on:

  • When they were driving
  • For how long
  • Where they were going, and
  • What they were carrying.

The log book also records all maintenance, repairs, and upkeep done to the cab.

Why Truck Drivers Keep a Log Book

The log book isn’t just a commercial practice. It’s the law. Truck drivers in Michigan and nationwide are carefully regulated. The laws are designed to keep everyone safe on the roads. They regulate how many hours in a row, in a day, and in a work week. They also require that commercial vehicles like semi cabs receive regular maintenance, so they are less likely to break down and cause an accident. Because regulators can’t be everywhere all the times, the law requires drivers to keep track of all these details in a log book.

How A Log Book Works for You

The detailed records in a truck driver’s log book can be a powerful tool for attorneys after a truck accident. In a fault-based Third Party Lawsuit, a log book can prove that the truck driver was at fault for the crash. When a truck driver’s log book shows that a truck driver drove too long, too often, or failed to properly maintain his vehicle, your truck accident attorney can use it prove his negligence.

Log Books Can Give Leads to Added Defendants

The log book doesn’t just record information about the driver. It also includes information about the cargo she is carrying. Often, the company shipping the load will have separate insurance to cover any accidents. Especially when the cargo is hazardous, flammable, or otherwise dangerous, your truck accident attorneys can use the log book to investigate additional defendants and insurance policies to cover your third party damages.

A truck driver’s log book can be your best friend after a serious accident. Your truck accident attorney can use it to prove negligence, find additional money to pay you, and lay the basis for substantial non-economic damages including pain and suffering, disability, disfigurement, and long-term wage loss.

The attorneys at Christensen Law know how to make a truck driver’s log book work for you. If you have been seriously injured in a truck accident, contact Christensen Law to schedule a free initial consultation.