How Insurers Can Damage Your Motorcycle Accident Claim

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Insurance companies are always going on about how they’re on your side—there to protect you whenever you need them—but are they really? Are insurance companies the motorcyclist’s BFF? Not usually.

When you get down to it, insurance companies are businesses. Most businesses, unless they’re nonprofit, are in it for one thing: profit. They want to make money and they will usually do what is necessary to meet their goal. If that means throwing a motorcyclist under the bus, then they’ll do it.

Your motorcycle crash has probably left you dealing with serious injuries and you need every penny you can get from a settlement.

How Do Insurers Mistreat Bikers, and Why?

Motorcycle crash claims are pretty expensive for the obvious reason that motorcycle collisions will likely lead to serious injuries. Serious injuries usually cause large financial and non-financial losses for the accident victim.

Insurance companies don’t want to pay for all these expenses. The at-fault party’s insurer, and even your own insurance company, will try to avoid paying for these expenses if at all possible.

They will do anything to decrease the value of your claim or get you to accept a low settlement that is usually far less than your claim’s real value. How do they do this? How do they get away with it? They have many different tactics they can and will use to make your settlement lower.

Tactics Insurers Use to Damage Your Claim

The first main tactic an insurer will try to use is to damage your claim by making you seem responsible for the accident. If they can make it seem like you were the one who was responsible for the accident—and therefore your injuries—they can convince a jury of your fault if you should take your claim to court.

They will even go so far as to record statements over the phone and attempt to get you to admit to causing, or at least contributing, to the accident. This will make your claim’s value worthless overall.

Another tactic the insurer will use to lower your ultimate payout is to get you to accept a settlement quickly. They will try to convince you that your claim is only worth a certain amount of money and that this amount is non-negotiable. They will also try to get you to agree quickly, before hiring legal representation and learning the true value of your motorcycle crash case.

Talk to a Motorcycle Crash Lawyer Before It’s Too Late

Don’t let insurance companies take advantage of you and come between you and the money you are owed for your injuries. Partner up with an attorney who knows the entirety of an insurer’s many tactics so you can receive compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and other economic and non-economic losses.

Call Christensen Law today to claim your free case review. You’re also welcome to reach us through the web form below. Give your claim its best chance at success by going head-to-head with insurance companies and winning.