How Insurance Companies Can Damage Your Motorcycle Accident Claim

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How Insurance Companies Can Damage Your Motorcycle Accident Claim

Insurance companies are always going on about how they are on your side—there to protect you whenever you need them—but the truth is, there are many ways that insurance companies can damage your motorcycle accident claim. They will not hesitate to do so if they think it will save them money.

Your motorcycle crash has probably left you dealing with serious injuries, and you need every penny you can get from a settlement. A motorcycle accident lawyer can protect you against unhelpful insurers and fight for what you need.

Tactics Insurers Use to Damage Your Personal Injury Claim

The prospect of facing an aggressive insurance adjuster is daunting, but do not worry. Motorcycle accident attorneys in your area are available to help you counteract whatever tactics the insurer tries, including:

Blaming You for the Bike Crash

One tactic the insurance company can use to damage your claim is by making you seem responsible for the motorcycle accident. If they can “prove” you were the one who caused the accident—and therefore your personal injuries—they can reduce what they have to pay you or get out of paying anything at all.

They will even go so far as to record statements over the phone and attempt to get you to admit to causing, or at least contributing to, the accident. This will decrease your claim’s value.

Pushing for a Fast Accident Settlement

Another tactic the insurer will use to lower your ultimate payout is to get you to accept a settlement quickly. They will try to convince you that your claim is only worth a certain amount of money and that this amount is non-negotiable. They will also try to get you to sign an agreement quickly, before you hire legal representation and learn the true value of your motorcycle crash case.

Divorcing Your Injuries from Your Motorcycle Collision

A third tactic involves claiming that your injuries, while real, have nothing to do with the accident. For instance, if you already suffered from back pain before the crash, they might try to blame your current back injuries on that preexisting injury.

The insurer uses this tactic because they are not responsible for paying damages related to non-crash-related injuries. By attributing your injuries to something else, they hope to minimize what they must cover.

Denying Their Client’s Liability in Your Accident

If you file a claim against the at-fault party, their insurance company only has to pay out if you can prove their client behaved negligently. The insurer might therefore try to insist that their client’s behavior was perfectly reasonable under the circumstances and that there was no way to prevent the crash.

Taking Advantage of State Laws Concerning Motorcycles

Depending on where you live, the insurer might turn to state or local laws to support their case against you.

In Michigan, for instance, motorcycles do not count as “motor vehicles” under MCL 500.3101 (3)(i)(i). Insurers in this state might tell bikers that they do not qualify for financial compensation because they were not driving a real motor vehicle at the time of the collision.

Motorcycle Accidents Are Costly, and Insurers Don’t Want to Pay

Motorcycle crash claims can get very expensive for the obvious reason that motorcycle collisions, as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) explains, are more likely to cause serious or fatal injuries. Serious injuries usually lead to large financial and non-financial losses for the accident victim, including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Reduction of income, employment, or job benefits
  • Injuries leading to total, permanent disabilities
  • Pain and suffering caused by bodily injuries and/or mental trauma

Why Insurers Fight Motorcycle Accident Claims

Insurance companies do not want to cover all these costs. The at-fault party’s insurer, and even your own insurance company, will try to avoid paying for these expenses if at all possible.

The insurer will do anything to decrease the value of your claim or get you to accept a low settlement that is usually far less than your claim’s real value. Their priority is their bottom line, not your future.

Protecting Yourself Against Motorcycle Accident Insurers

When you get down to it, insurance companies are businesses. Most businesses are in it for one thing: profit. They want to make money and they will usually do whatever is necessary to meet their goal. If that means denying a biker fair compensation for their injuries, then they will do it.

After a collision, you deserve the assistance of a law firm that:

  • Has experience with filing insurance claims and lawsuits in response to motorcycle accidents
  • Can guide you through the claims process, whether you end up filing with the responsible party’s insurer, your own, or both
  • Goes over your motorcycle insurance policy with you and calculates exactly how much your case is worth
  • Fights relentlessly for a fair insurance settlement or jury award
  • Communicates with the insurance company on your behalf at all times
  • Lets you know what the insurer is saying about your case and how you can best answer their statements, allegations, and offers

Insurers Are Not on Your Side, but Personal Injury Lawyers Are

An insurance adjuster might respond to your claim very slowly, in the hopes of wearing you down, or they might respond immediately with a settlement offer that is probably not in your best interests. How can you make sure they treat you fairly as you pursue a personal injury claim?

Hiring a motorcycle accident attorney is a good way to safeguard your family’s future after a crash. Law firms know all too well the ways in which insurance companies can damage your claim and work hard to get you the money you deserve, not what the insurer decides is fair.

Talk to a Motorcycle Crash Lawyer Before It Is Too Late

Do not let insurance companies take advantage of you by coming between you and the money you are owed for your injuries. Partner up with a personal injury attorney who knows the entirety of an insurer’s many tactics so you can receive compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and other economic and non-economic losses.

Call Christensen Law today to claim your free case review. We will do everything possible to keep the insurance companies from damaging your motorcycle accident claim and denying you fair compensation.