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Have you been injured in a car accident in Grand Rapids? If so, you may feel the stress and strain of mounting medical bills, lost wages, and other financial burdens. If someone else’s negligence caused your crash, you shouldn’t have to struggle to get back on your feet.

Allow the experienced and compassionate personal injury attorneys at Christensen Law to help. It’s never too early to consult with a personal injury lawyer if you have been injured in a car accident in Grand Rapids.

At Christensen Law, we offer free, no-obligation consultations. Call us today to schedule a time to speak with our experienced car accident lawyers in Grand Rapids, MI about your case.

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How Can Our Grand Rapids Car Accident Attorney Make a Difference in Your Case?

Grand Rapids Car Accident AttorneyHiring a Grand Rapids car accident lawyer to help with your case has many advantages. At Christensen Law, our Michigan personal injury attorneys are well-versed in the state’s no-fault insurance. Our injury lawyers have extensive experience handling these types of cases. We’ve helped many Michiganders get full, fair settlements. We can help with all aspects of your claim, including:

  • Investigating the facts of your car accident to determine all liable parties.
  • Collecting evidence needed to build your case.
  • Help you navigate the health care system to effectively treat and document your injuries.
  • Consulting with doctors to determine the extent of your injuries.
  • Submitting all of your claims for medical expenses, lost wages and other no-fault insurance benefits.
  • Estimating future medical expenses related to your accident.
  • Communicating with the insurance adjuster to make sure all benefits have been paid.
  • Filing a lawsuit against the negligent driver that caused your accident.
  • Updating you on the progress of your case.

How Much Is My Car Accident Case Worth?

Every car accident is different. The value of your car accident claim will be based on the nature and severity of your injuries. The impact the car accident has had on your life will also be considered. The Grand Rapids car accident attorneys at Christensen Law will help determine full and fair compensation for your case.

Our attorneys will add up all the money you’ve spent on your injuries. They will also calculate how much your future expenses will be. Using those figures, our car accident lawyers will demand that the at-fault party’s insurance company pay those damages.

Your accident claim could result in compensation for:

  • The past and future medical treatment for your injury
  • The money you lost when you could not work
  • Your permanent disability or lost ability to return to a job at a salary level that is as much as you made before the car accident
  • Pain and suffering
  • Wrongful death if your loved-one does not survive the accident

How Long Do I Have to File a Claim?

In Michigan, you have three years from the date of the car accident to file a lawsuit. If you were injured in the crash, your attorney can help you pursue a personal injury claim. If the insurance company disputes your claim, your lawyer may recommend that you take your claim to court. That is why it is important to begin your claim as soon as possible.

If a loved one died as a result of the car accident, you might pursue a wrongful death claim. In Michigan, the statute of limitations on a wrongful death lawsuit is also three years. Under a wrongful death claim, you can demand compensation for your loved one’s bills as well as the loved one’s funeral expenses and pain and suffering.

Auto insurance companies are complex organizations. The auto accident attorneys at Christensen Law have the experience necessary to help you get the settlement you deserve.

If you are in need of a Grand Rapids auto accident attorney, please contact us today for your free consultation. We’ll be happy to review your case with you.

Steps to Take to Protect Your Rights After a Crash

grand rapids accident lawyerSometimes insurance companies representing the at-fault party will try to take advantage of your lack of experience. If you’ve been hurt in a car accident in Michigan, take these steps to protect your right to seek compensation:

  • Stay at the scene. Never leave the accident scene until it is safe and appropriate to do so.
  • Call the police. If your crash caused injuries, serious property damage, or death, dial 911 to call the police. If there’s only minor damage, call the police on a non-emergency line. Request that the police file an accident report. The report will record the names, phone numbers, and contact information of the at-fault party. You may need that information if you decide in the future to file an accident claim.
  • Take pictures at the scene. Use your phone to photograph the accident scene, any visible injuries you may have, and the damage to your car. Take photos of the other car, too.
  • Speak with witnesses. Eyewitnesses may be helpful to your car accident claim. Get the contact information of all witnesses so that your attorney can contact them. That will allow your attorney to get a better understanding of the accident and its cause. Witnesses can help support your claim with testimony that describes how the at-fault party caused the accident.
  • Get medical attention. When the emergency medical responders arrive, ask them to examine you. Even if you don’t think you’re injured, visit your own doctor for a thorough checkup. Your doctor may identify injuries that are not apparent to you, such as a concussion. A medical examination is important to your health and also documents your injuries should you have to file an accident claim for your injuries.
  • Keep your medical bills and other documents. Keep detailed records of all damages that were caused by the accident. Those records, which may be used as evidence, include hospital bills, doctors’ appointments, prescriptions, and physical therapy records.
  • Hire an attorney. It’s critical that you have an auto accident attorney to help you navigate your car crash claim. Working with an attorney who has handled numerous car accident cases will allow you to focus on your health and recovery.

Talk to a Car Accident Lawyer in Grand Rapids Now

When someone else causes you to be injured in a car crash, you have the right to demand compensation for the damages they caused. You may be owed financial damages that cover the cost of your treatment, the work you missed, and compensation for your pain and suffering.

Insurance companies may offer you an unfair, lowball settlement rather than the fair claim a qualified attorney can help you obtain. Call the Grand Rapids car accident attorneys at Christensen Law before accepting the insurance company’s settlement offer.

At Christensen Law, you’ll find a Personal Injury Lawyer that specializes in any type of injury case:

Attorney Christensen and the committed legal team at Christensen Law have been helping car accident victims in Grand Rapids get justice and compensation for more than 30 years. Whatever injury you have suffered, our firm can help you recover the funds you need to get your life back on track. Call now to schedule a free initial consultation.