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When a defective product leaves you injured, you have the right to seek compensation for your damages and losses. Find out how to handle your claim by working with a Detroit product liability lawyer.

We use hundreds of products every day. Whether we’re using a blender to make a morning smoothie, braking in traffic to avoid a sudden collision, or taking a pill to treat a health condition, we expect the products that we use to benefit—not harm—us.

However, defective products cause thousands of injuries each year. If a product malfunctioned and caused injury or serious harm, you shouldn’t be stuck paying all the bills. A Detroit product liability lawyer with Christensen Law will work to hold the company that produced the faulty product responsible so that you can obtain the full compensation that you’re owed.

Examples of Defective Products

A defective product can be anything that malfunctions and causes injury. Common examples of defective products include the following:

  • Medical products, such as stents, implants, pacemakers, and materials used in joint-replacement surgery
  • Vehicle parts, such as airbags, brakes, power steering systems, and even headlights
  • Household appliances
  • Children’s toys and safety devices
  • Prescription drugs that cause dangerous side effects
  • Toxic chemicals in products, such as asbestos and benzene
  • Contaminated food that causes illness

In order to obtain a full settlement, you must prove both that the product was defective and that the defect caused your injury. Your Detroit product liability lawyer will review the details of your case in order to determine who was liable.

Determining Fault in Product Liability Cases

Before a product makes its way into your home, it goes through several stages of production. A company or entity at any stage in the process could potentially be liable for the defect that hurt you:

  • Design – If a flaw was inherent in the design of the product, the designer can be found liable for negligence.
  • Manufacture – If the product defect occurred in the manufacturing stage of production, the manufacturer is strictly liable for damages. For example, if many contaminated bottles of pills left a factory, the manufacturer would have to pay damages due to its poor quality control.
  • Marketing – If the product is found to be dangerous after production, advertisers have a responsibility to adequately warn the public before it hits shelves. Failure to do so can mean that the product’s marketer is liable for negligence.
  • Retail – If a retailer knows that a product has been damaged or recalled but sells it anyway, they should be responsible for any injury caused by the defect.

Financial Damages Caused by Product Defects

Your Detroit product liability lawyer will help you identify and hold the negligent parties accountable. When determining your compensation amount, we will take into account the many financial hardships and lost quality of life you may be contending with after your injury. These could include any of the following losses and damages:

  • Current and future medical bills
  • Lost wages and earning ability
  • Physical or emotional therapy
  • Diminished quality of life
  • Pain and suffering

Due to the many different entities that could bear responsibility in a defective product accident, product liability cases can be confusing. It’s important to have a legal ally who knows the ins and outs of product liability law fighting for you.

Contact a Detroit Defective Product Lawyer

Getting injured by a product you rely on can be a disorienting, terrifying experience, but you don’t have to go through it alone. Christensen Law will fight to get you a full and fair settlement that accounts for every single loss and expense caused by your accident and injury.

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