Who Is At Fault for My Personal Injury?

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You shouldn’t suffer because of someone’s negligence. For example, if you’re in a convenience store and slip on the recently mopped floor, you may be able to be compensated for any damages that result from your fall. Whether someone’s dog attacks you unprovoked or a negligent driver causes you severe injury, there may be a chance for you to receive compensation.

Personal injury cases can take many forms, but negligence is a key component.

The Different Types of Personal Injury Cases

There are multiple personal injury cases. Each type of personal injury case will involve different rules and regulations that determine who is at fault in the case. Proving the fault of the other party is key in each type.

The person at fault in a motor vehicle accident is usually the driver who caused your accident through negligent actions. For example, drivers who are rubbernecking or speeding are often at fault in auto accident cases.

Premise liability cases place the blame on property owners. If your injuries are the result of someone’s pet, faulty wiring, or any number of property hazards, you have the chance of winning compensation.

The variety of personal injury cases ensures that you have the chance of receiving compensation for your damages. Contacting a Detroit personal injury attorney at our law firm will help you determine your injury case type.

Modified Comparative Negligence and Personal Injury

Michigan adheres to modified comparative negligence law. If insurance companies can prove that you were at fault in your injury case, they can have your compensation reduced accordingly. Some insurance companies are determined to not pay for any of your damages if they can help it. For this reason, it could be helpful to have a personal injury lawyer from our law firm on your team.

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