Responding to a Low Settlement Offer from Your Insurance Company

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When you go to file an injury claim you will likely come up against some resistance from the insurance company. Even your own insurance company will often try to get you to accept the lowest claim offer possible. They don’t want to pay out on claims because they are losing money every time they do.

This can mean that claims are never a fun process to experience, and you will have to be assertive when responding to a low settlement offer from your insurance company.

Key Steps for Responding to Your Insurer’s Offer

So, you’ve already submitted your claim to the insurance company and they’ve offered you a settlement amount that you aren’t happy with.

The following information pertains to the steps you should take to respond to your insurer’s low settlement offer in order to increase the settlement amount and receive fair compensation for your claim.

Gather Proof of Your Losses

The first thing you should do is review the claim paperwork and evidence that you’ve collected. This is to ensure that you’ve provided accurate information and adequate proof of your financial and non-financial damages. Items such as receipts, logs, documentation, and any other information you can think of could be useful in proving your damages.

Gather Evidence of Your Injuries

Next, you need to provide evidence of your injuries. Sometimes, the doctor’s report won’t be enough to convince the insurance company of the severity of your injuries. You might need to provide X-rays, signed doctor’s statements, photos of your injuries, and receipts of your doctor and hospital visits.

Respond to the Settlement Offer in a Professional and Assertive Manner

Once you’ve collected all the evidence you think you’ll need, you will have to respond to the insurer. Write up a response that details why you don’t agree with the settlement amount. Use evidence to back up your statements, such as receipts showing all the medical bills you’ve paid or evidence that proves other damages.

Then, you need to request a settlement amount that you think is more reasonable. The insurer then has the option of agreeing to your proposed settlement amount or negotiating further.

Contact a Lawyer for Help Filing an Insurance Claim

Responding to a low settlement offer from your insurance company is not a fun prospect, and you are likely dreading the process. If you’ve received a low settlement offer, you might want to have a lawyer step in and assist you with this process.

You need to receive maximum compensation for your claim and we can help you get it. Partner with Christensen Law to have a better chance at a fair settlement. Reach out through the form down below or call 248-900-9000.