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Need help getting compensated for your rollover accident? A Detroit rollover crash attorney can determine the cause of your wreck and pursue fair compensation for you.

Filing a claim for personal injury compensation or negotiating with your own no-fault insurer can be overwhelming. You may end up missing out on compensation because you don’t have the energy in your injured state to fight for what is rightfully yours. But we will fight for you.

A Detroit rollover auto accident lawyer with our firm won’t stand for anything less than full compensation for the injuries and suffering tied to your rollover crash.

Monetary Compensation for a Rollover Wreck in Detroit

A vehicle collision in which one of the involved vehicles overturns is called a rollover. These types of crashes are considered more dangerous than most any other type of auto wreck because they result in greater injury and a higher risk of death for victims.

Why? Because a vehicle flipping onto its top is likely to result in serious head trauma for those inside. And there’s a very real, very deadly possibility that occupants will be ejected from the vehicle.

Your Detroit rollover wreck has likely caused you to sustain serious injuries, resulting in extensive damages that can be financially crippling. These include medical expenses, missed wages, physical therapy, and caregiving costs. You can recover all of these losses if you work with a knowledgeable, experienced rollover collision attorney.

Should You File a No-Fault Insurance Claim or Personal Injury Claim?

After a serious collision, such as a rollover crash, you may have two options to recover your losses. The first option is to file a no-fault claim with your own insurance company to recover your personal injury protection (PIP) benefits. These benefits typically cover the following:

  • Reasonable and necessary medical care
  • Missed wages

In many instances, these benefits may be all you need, but when your injuries are especially serious, you may need more compensation. Filing a personal injury claim against a negligent party for an auto collision is allowed when a person has suffered serious bodily injury.

Filing an injury claim is often advisable when your losses are great. You may need to request compensation for the following damages:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Expensive medical bills
  • Mental anguish and mental health treatment
  • Physical therapy and caregiving costs
  • Prosthetics
  • Loss of your quality of life

Whether you decide to file a no-fault insurance claim or a personal injury claim, your Detroit rollover injury attorney can help. We will do the hard work to make sure you get the compensation owed to you.

Connect with a Detroit Rollover Accident Attorney

Rollover crashes are known to be serious—they often lead to catastrophic injury and death. If you or a loved one has been injured in such a crash, compensation is most likely available.

Suing the negligent driver can allow you to collect the compensation you need to provide for a future that may be very different than what you were expecting before your accident.

A Detroit rollover car accident lawyer from Christensen Law can do the hard work for you. We can investigate your collision, determine the cause, and seek compensation from the at-fault party or insurer. Call us at 248-900-9000 or fill out the form at the bottom of this page. We offer free consultations, so you’ve got nothing to lose.

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