Jury Awards $9.5 Million for Wrongful Death

May, 2023 – Our client, a 31-year-old man, was stabbed at a gas station in Yipsilanti, the injury severing his brachial artery amongst other wounds. An underage and unsupervised employee failed to call 911 and/or the police early enough for first responders to arrive and render aid to what was described by experts as a survivable wound. Partners Dave Christensen and Sarah Stempky-Kime argued that the critical minutes that passed before the call was made resulted in the death of our client. An 8-member jury deliberated for 4.5 hours and returned a verdict of negligence and liability of the defendants, awarding 9.5 million to the decedent’s family for pain and suffering and loss of society and companionship. (Karen Tremont, as PR of Cameron Caldewell v. Helena Investment, LLC, H&M 3851, LLC, and H&M Fuel Mart, Inc.)