$9,500,000 Award for Motorcycle Injury Victim

Third Party Auto Negligence | Motorcycle

Our client, while riding his motorcycle, was hit by a car that crossed the center line, resutling in life-changing injuries. The necessary amputation of his leg at the hip was essential in saving his life, but means he will forever be wheelchair reliant. Additional injuries included a distal femur fracture, left hip disarticulation, pneumothorax, rib fracture, thoracic vertebrae fracture, and a displaced fracture left iliac crest bone.

Attorney Dave Christensen was remarkable in securing extensive ADA modifications for him early on in the case so he could remain at home with his family while recovering. Attorneys Christensen and Sarah Stempky-Kime secured a 9.5 million dollar settlement in 2023 for this confidential client. (Genesee County Circuit Court, 2023)