$1.2 Million Awarded in Contentious No-Fault Case

March 2023 – Plaintiff James Boggess was severely injured in a pedestrian vs. car accident in 2015 and again in a second accident three years later. He was subsequently placed in a residential rehab facility for patients suffering from TBI (traumatic brain injury). The Defendants,  Farm Bureau, Plaintiff’s insurance company, refused to pay for any treatment, claiming the TBI was unrelated to the primary 2015 accident. Trial attorneys Dustin Hoff and Nora Hanna presented expert witnesses who testified to the original TBI and ongoing struggles due to the accident. After 1.5 hours of deliberations, the jury returned a $1,235,463.35 verdict in the Plaintiff’s favor, awarding the full amount demanded. The insurance company must also now pay for our client’s care for the remainder of his life. (Veronica Stein as Guardian to James Boggess vs. Farm Bureau General Insurance Company, and Moriah Incorporated d/b/a Eisenhower Center vs. Farm Bureau General Insurance Company).