Auto Insurance Claim Process

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You may know that after an auto accident you have to file a claim with your auto insurance provider. But do you know when to file the claim, what to include, or to do if the claim is denied? That’s why you need an attorney who specializes in the auto insurance claim process to help you get the most out of your Michigan no-fault insurance benefits.

Notice of Accident

In an auto accident, the clock starts ticking at the moment of impact. Depending on your car insurance provider, you may only have a matter of days to give your auto insurance provider written notice that an accident has occurred. If you have been seriously injured and are facing time in the hospital, you will need someone who knows the system to provide proper notice that you intend to file a claim.

It is also important to know what to say in any notice of accident. Your insurance company will likely ask you to describe all of your injuries right away. If later on you begin to experience symptoms of an injury not listed in your initial notice, the insurance company may try to claim it isn’t required to cover that injury. That’s why you need a team of experts to help you write your notice of intent to file claims in a way that doesn’t cut you off from important medical care.

Preparing Your Car Insurance Claim

After the accident, once you get a handle on your medical expenses, lost wages, and other covered injuries, you will have to file an auto insurance claim to receive any benefits. You’ll want an experienced car accident attorney at Christensen Law to help you investigate your claim, identify any at-fault parties, and gather documentation for all of your injury. By taking time and expertise to file your claim the right way, you will increase your chances of a quick payment of benefits. Just keep in mind that there is a time limit to file your car insurance claim.

Filing a Claim

When you are ready to file your claim, you’ll be glad you have an auto accident specialist in your corner. An auto accident attorney can help you identify all of the car insurance providers that could provide you with benefits. That includes your own no-fault insurance provider and any insurance the at-fault driver might have to cover more serious injuries. When a commercial vehicle is involved, or if you were a passenger in someone else’s vehicle, you could end up filing possible claims with several different insurance providers. Your auto accident attorneys will help you sort through the providers and figure out who needs to receive your auto insurance claim and cover for any property damage.

Negotiating an Auto Insurance Claim

Remember that the vehicle insurance adjuster does not work for you. In most auto accident cases, the insurance company will give you a low settlement offer right away. This amount almost never covers everything you are entitled to. Before accepting any settlement on an auto insurance claim, contact the car insurance claim process experts at Christensen Law to make sure you’re getting all your benefits covered.