Deborah Tonelli

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Deb Tonelli heads up our presuit and intake department, where she is focused on establishing new cases, handling all pre-litigation requirements, and preparing cases either for settlement or litigation.

After passing the bar in 1988, Deb worked as an insurance defense attorney, plaintiff’s attorney, and contract lawyer, handling personal injury and auto accident cases. She first worked with Christensen Law founder David Christensen 14 years ago as a contract attorney – a partnership that lasted 9 years before Deb officially joined the firm in June 2016.

Deb meets with new clients after an accident and begins the necessary investigation into each case. She oversees the preparation of auto insurance claims, development of case files, and negotiates with insurance adjusters. With experience on both sides of a client case, Deb has firsthand knowledge of how insurance companies deal with claims and understands how to negotiate with them to achieve the best possible resolution for her clients. Often, insurers will deny valid claims, so the presuit team approaches all cases with the expectation of an eventual trial.

“I love the commitment that Christensen Law brings to their clients,” Deb says. “We are all committed to protecting the best interests of those who don’t have a voice, or who may otherwise be denied access to justice. That’s what we are here for, to serve our clients and deliver the best possible outcome.”

Deb is an animal lover, and has adopted many rescues, including her current pet, Zoe.  She gives back by volunteering in the community at animal shelters and rescue organizations and participating in firm charitable efforts whenever possible. A resident of Huntington Woods, she also enjoys all forms of art including music, films, and theatre, and is a keen travel enthusiast.