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Distracted Driving Scholarship Winner Graphic 2022 - Aaron Chan

7th Annual Distracted Driving Awareness Scholarship Contest

As Michigan car accident attorneys, we’ve seen the devastating effects of distracted driving firsthand. Christensen Law’s annual Distracted Driving Scholarship Contest was established as part of our commitment to increasing awareness about the tragic consequences of distracted driving among young people while also helping to fund their education.

We received hundreds of incredible entries this year and would like to thank everyone who participated for their effort and advocacy. It is our hope that they will continue to spread awareness about the dangers of distracted, drunk, and/or impaired driving.

Our team gathered to review the inspiring, emotional, and imaginative submissions and cast their votes for the essay, graphic, or video that they felt best embodied the mission of our contest. Ultimately, one video stood out among them all and captured everyone’s attention.


Aaron’s video submission made a lasting impression on our team. Combining statistics, practical tips, and humor, his message was both creative and persuasive. His submission shows awareness of his target audience and provides relevant, substantial examples that support our objective – all while remaining humorous! We wish Aaron the best of luck in his future academic endeavors as a freshman at Elon University.

View Aaron’s video here: