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Christensen Law's Brand Ambassador and Receptionist Ericka Matthews Celebrates 5 Years with Firm


Our front-of-house Brand Ambassador and Receptionist Ericka Matthews joined the Christensen Law family 5 years ago this weekend! Above all else, Ericka is truly representative of what CLAW stands for – her own values align closely with ours, which she lives with joy and passion daily. On first meeting, Ericka exudes boundless, positive energy, coupled with a disarming smile.

“Ericka has a magnetic personality that makes her a tremendous brand ambassador for CLAW. She is usually the first voice a client hears and the first smiling face they see,” says Dave Christensen. “Her positivity and warmth make her perfect for the role.” 

The proud mother of teenaged daughter Kamryn, Ericka hopes to convey their family’s beliefs and model the strong independence that has been her own guiding principle throughout her adult life. “She is quite ambitious, and wants to become a judge one day,” Ericka recounts. “I want her to embrace her education and every single opportunity that presents itself – and I think she will.”  The extended family is very supportive and close-knit (they all live within an 8-miles radius) sharing weekday hangouts, shopping expeditions, and movie nights together – including family dinners at her mother’s house each weekend. Along with Chrissie, her 2-year old Doberman-German Shepherd rescue she found online, fell in love with instantly, and drove nearly 100 miles to adopt, all the family dogs also join in the weekly gatherings.

A born Detroiter, Ericka studied dance and drama at a local performing arts school and continued her education in paralegal studies, general business administration, and social media marketing. She holds an event planner certification and ran a successful wedding planning business for many years before ideating her latest entrepreneurial effort, an online boutique aimed at providing women  in their 30s-50s clothing, accessories, and advice “for the woman you are now.”

What does she love most about her work? The true family feel of the team, the environment, and even the competitive, fun nature on display at CLAW. “Everyone cares about each other and their work – there is no ego here,” Ericka says. She’s enjoying seeing the company grow, and everyone actively supporting the vision and goals of the firm. Teambuilding and the initiatives geared toward interpersonal skills and communications are critical, she believes. “Sure, we know each other, but now we are learning the rules and nuances of each other’s work preferences and communication styles, which makes for a stronger group.” She is especially grateful for the leadership team, and their willingness to jump in, on anything. “Dave will vacuum and even do the dishes – not many CEOs will. But more importantly, he and Leslie are truly supportive of all of us, and treat us as family, not just employees.” Co-Founder Leslie Christensen, reflecting on Ericka’s anniversary, comments, “She is a great example of our values, is both positive and charming, and makes everyone around her feel comfortable.”

In her spare time, Ericka volunteers locally with a number of organizations, including Common Ground, a suicide prevention and mental health crisis foundation serving Oakland County. Her natural empathy and desire to effect change drove her to offer assistance with goal setting and breaking negative associations and cycles as part of the emotional healing process. “I try to convey my own approach and how it works for me – be a good person, be kind, do unto others as you’d like to receive in return, and pray.” A believer that all things are connected, Ericka strives to spread positivity to assist wellbeing.

Near-term goals include buying a house for the first time and launching her new business venture. Asked if she believes in fate or luck, Ericka replies confidently, “Both. Life brings us so much, we have to remain open to all possibilities.”