Sterling Heights Brain Injury Lawyer

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Sterling Heights Brain Injury Lawyer

Brain injuries are one of the most devastating consequences of an unforeseen accident, often leaving victims with physical, financial, and psychological harm. So, do you have medical bills, professional damages, psychological suffering, or other losses due to a brain injury caused by someone’s negligence? If so, a Sterling Heights brain injury lawyer from Christensen Law will fight for financial recovery.

Our firm has several decades of experience helping brain injury sufferers recover the compensation they need from a negligent party. A Sterling Heights personal injury lawyer from our team will begin fighting for a settlement or judgment today.

Christensen Law Seeks Compensation for Accident-Related Brain Injuries

Whether you or a loved one suffered a brain injury in Sterling Heights from any of these incidents, we will help you fight for the compensation you need:

Don’t see the circumstances of your brain injury listed? Rest assured, you can still speak with Christensen Law. We are there for victims of negligence in its many forms, and we will lead your case in Sterling Heights.

Why Brain Injury Victims in Sterling Heights Hire Christensen Law

Attorney David Christensen and the team at Christensen Law understand the struggles that brain injury victims endure. We have seen the effects of brain injuries firsthand, so we appreciate the full-service representation you likely need.

You can trust a lawyer from Christensen Law with your case in Sterling Heights because:

  • We aren’t like other law firms: From the first moment you interact with our team, you’ll sense our trustworthiness and compassion. Expect honest, no-nonsense advice in every encounter with Christensen Law.
  • Michigan is our focus: We have multiple offices throughout the state, and our lawyers feel a duty to get justice for Michiganders (and visitors) with brain injuries. We understand the state laws, insurance rules, and civil justice system well. So, let us use our Michigan-specific experience on your behalf.
  • We have won for clients since 1991: For several decades, our team has handled thousands of cases, taken hundreds of those cases to trial, and secured record-setting outcomes for our clients. Founding partner David E. Christensen has won 95 percent of his brain injury cases and is well-versed in the language of neuroimaging, neuropsychology, and micro-damage.
  • We’ll never settle for less than you deserve: We prepare every case like it will go to court. In addition, we know precisely how much compensation our clients deserve because we take the time to listen to them. So, if liable parties don’t offer a fair settlement, we’ll go to trial.

Speech problems, fatigue, headaches, concentration problems, and the other symptoms Mayo Clinic lists for traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are often debilitating. Unfortunately, these symptoms may prevent you from managing your case for compensation. Instead, let our team prioritize getting justice for your brain injury. We will protect your rights and privacy throughout the legal process.

Our Testimonials and Case Results Speak Volumes

When you review our firm’s case results, you’ll find a long record of multi-million-dollar settlements and verdicts. We are proud of these recoveries, but we’re just as proud of the enthusiastic testimonials clients often leave for Christensen Law:

  • “I would highly recommend Christensen Law Firm to anyone looking for a personal injury attorney. Their staff is very friendly and easy to work with. They were able to answer all of my questions and concerns, and they always made me feel like they had my best interests at heart!” — Jelly Ann Candido

This is one of the many positive reviews we’ve received from grateful clients. Between the results we deliver and the first-class experience we provide, your case is in good hands with Christensen Law.

Recoverable Damages for a Brain Injury Victim in Sterling Heights

Brain injuries vary significantly in their severity and symptoms, so we will consult medical experts to understand the effects of the brain injury on your life and determine which damages you could recover from an at-fault party.

Healthcare Costs

Brain injury victims often need costly treatment that includes the following:

  • Emergency transportation
  • Surgery
  • CT scans and MRI studies
  • Hospitalization
  • Long-term care

Our team will work alongside your doctors and our medical experts. Together, we will calculate the current and future cost of your medical care and seek suitable compensation from liable parties.

Lost Income

Did you lose income because of your brain injury? If so, we’ll total the cost of your financial and professional damages. In addition, if a loved one’s brain injury has cost your family the financial support you rely on, we will consider this loss during your case.

Pain and Suffering

Both brain injury victims and their loved ones often suffer due to their injury. Therefore, we will seek compensation for all affected parties’ pain and suffering, which may include the following:

  • Headaches and other physical pain
  • Personality and mood changes
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Lost quality of life

Loved ones may also experience depression, exhaustion, and other conditions that qualify as pain and suffering. Your brain injury attorney may include these damages in your claim.

What a Lawyer From Christensen Law Will Do for You

Our full-service legal team will:

  • Obtain any evidence that could help your case in Sterling Heights.
  • Document all damages resulting from the brain injury.
  • Explain your legal options and execute a personalized strategy.
  • Negotiate a settlement with liable parties.
  • Take your case to trial, if necessary.

Our team will manage all paperwork, phone calls, written correspondence, fact-checking, legal appearances, and other demands of your case.

Call Christensen Law Today for a Free Consultation About Your Case in Sterling Heights

Our legal team serving Sterling Heights knows the high cost of brain injuries. We have helped others secure compensation for treatment, rehabilitation, caregiver services, and lost income. A lawyer from our team wants to secure fair compensation for your severe injury.

Call Christensen Law today at 249-900-9000 for a free consultation. Please don’t wait to contact us, as we may face a strict filing deadline for your case.