Christensen Law Appellate Attorney Stephanie Arndt Presents School Sexual Assault & Abuse Case Before Michigan Supreme Court

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Stephanie Arndt Presents Landmark Case to Supreme Court

Asserts that Michigan’s schools be held accountable for peer sexual harassment

On Wednesday, March 13, 2024, Christensen Law Appellate Attorney Stephanie Arndt presented a landmark case, Jane Doe v. Alpena Public Schools, before the Michigan Supreme Court. Stephanie advocated for a cause central to our community’s values: safeguarding the rights of children within educational institutions.

When asked to comment on the importance of this case, Stephanie said, “This case is significant because it is the first opportunity that the Michigan Supreme Court will have to address a student’s civil right to be free from peer sexual harassment in school.”

This case represents a critical juncture for our legal system, spotlighting its stance on fostering a safe and inclusive learning environment for all students. As we await the Court’s decision, we stand united in our commitment to justice and applaud Stephanie’s masterful articulation of the facts and the wider impact this case will have on all Michigan students.

Watch the full video of oral arguments in Jane Doe v Alpena Public Schools below.


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Courtesy of Michigan Legislature. Read the Act here.