Kecha Hayes

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Lakecha Hayes (Kecha) is a Legal Assistant here at Christensen Law, where she manages the busy practice for trial attorney Nora Hanna. Responsible for keeping the legal team on track, Kecha manages a heavy case schedule and court filings while supporting clients and interacting with courts, medical providers, insurance companies, and opposing counsel. Her background in nursing studies provides a unique perspective on accident injuries and compassionate care that resonates with our clients.

A mom of two with a close-knit extended family, Kecha tackles her work-life balance with grace and a commitment to serve those in need. Her natural leadership skills and passion to help others made her an obvious choice to lead the company’s Social Responsibility Committee, working with colleagues to identify beneficiaries and implement initiatives to support families, individuals, and organizations that provide assistance to the community.

Participating in charitable efforts as a family helps to teach her boys both gratitude and to consider others’ needs first, and models this in her own community efforts. She sits on the Board of Directors of Saint Christine Christian Services, a not-for-profit largely focused on providing for the food insecure in the Detroit community, where she was recently elected as an Officer serving as the organization’s Secretary.

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