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A qualified Livonia motorcycle crash lawyer at our firm can let you know who’s at fault for your accident, how to proceed, and how much compensation you could recover. Give us a call.

Injured motorcyclists are often treated as though they somehow deserved to be injured: “Well, you chose to ride a motorcycle. You knew it was dangerous, didn’t you?” What these people don’t understand is that, just because you chose to ride a motorcycle doesn’t mean you’re a risk-taker or daredevil.

These are stereotypes that people cling to, and they’re wildly unfair. You ride a motorcycle because you enjoy it. You don’t deserve to be injured when you’re a careful driver who follows the rules of the road.

Don’t let people and insurance companies treat you like you’re responsible for an accident you didn’t cause. A Livonia motorcycle accident lawyer from our firm will see to it that the party who injured you is held financially accountable.

When Negligence Caused Your Livonia Motorcycle Collision

Many people claim that motorcycle enthusiasts are at risk of being injured every time they hit the pavement, but that’s really not true. Bikers aren’t at risk simply because they ride a motorcycle—they’re at risk because of other drivers’ errors and negligence. Why should the motorcyclist be blamed for the carelessness of other drivers?

The following table shows what kinds of negligent actions lead to serious injuries for motorcyclists in Livonia:

Cause of Motorcycle Accident Example of Negligence in the Accident
Failure to yield When a driver is texting while driving, he or she may not look up in time to yield to a motorcyclist in an intersection.
Following too closely When a driver is being aggressive and tailgating a motorcyclist, he or she may rear-end the biker because of this dangerous driving behavior.
Sudden lane changes Laziness or distracted driving could cause a driver to not check his or her blind spot before changing lanes.
Dangerous road conditions Gravel on the road, potholes, and other road hazards could cause a biker to lose control. A government agency could be responsible for such a crash.


Motorcycle Crash Injuries and Compensation in Livonia

Motorcycle crashes—even minor ones—lead to serious injuries. These injuries will cause you to suffer financial losses, as well as intangible losses like the inability to ever ride a motorcycle again. Many victims of motorcycle wrecks will suffer from wage losses, medical costs, disabilities, and pain and suffering.

The more serious your injury, the more damages you’re likely to suffer. Below, see a list of injuries common in Livonia motorcycle wrecks.

  • Broken bones
  • Organ damage
  • Internal bleeding

Speak with a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Livonia, MI 

Because motorcycle wrecks produce some of the most debilitating injuries of all crash types, we’re willing to come to you to discuss your case. We want to know everything about what led to your accident, and we will investigate the cause and determine who’s responsible.

At Christensen Law, we believe in helping the victims of motorcycle wrecks get the compensation they need. Your case is important to us, and we will do everything we can to see that the negligent party pays for causing you harm.

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