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Kay-Lynn Chartier, Christensen Law Social Media Manager


Aunt, cat-mom, and pop-punk princess are self-identifiers for Kay-Lynn (affectionately known as “KL”), our Social Media Manager. Peel back the onion, and you’ll find incredible depth to the multi-faceted millennial.

After receiving her Advertising & Public Relations degree from Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, the Marine City native spent time working as a barista before landing her first legal job at a large, traditional firm in metro Detroit as a file clerk. Recognizing her ability, she quickly advanced to Marketing Tech & PR Supervisor, where she worked on social media, event planning, public relations, and developing and editing their podcast and webinar presentations.

A lover and creator of all forms of art, Kay-Lynn enjoys the opportunity to express her creativity through her work at Christensen Law, a complete flip from her prior workplace. The latitude to capture and convey a 360-degree look at the culture and work of CLAW motivates her. “I love my job because it’s a place that values my contributions, provides opportunities to learn and collaborate with a team, and has genuine values.” It’s more than just a workplace, she says, referencing the love, support, and friendship of the CLAW family.

“KL chronicles everything here – she captures the pulse of what’s happening in a way that is entirely relatable and yet aligns perfectly with our brand values,” says CMO Eileen OBrien. “Her work is topical, on-point, and extremely well crafted.”

With a mindset to supercharge its marketing presence, the firm created the social media role which Kay-Lynn stepped into with dedication and her own flair from day one. Her energy, talent, and technical expertise has made our social presence more entertaining and professional, says founder Leslie Christensen. Dave also lauds her skill, commenting, “KL is our social media whiz.  She’s taken our previously pokey social media efforts and driven us into the fast lane of the social media expressway. Plus, she is a joy to have in the office.”

Outside of work, KL spends significant time with her extended family, enjoying weekend outings and sharing in their passions – everything from 4H to softball – as well as spending time with and caring for her father, and being a mentor to her teenage niece. “Being a hands-on aunt and helping with family needs is an important part of my life,” she says.

Equally so are live music, hiking, trail running, yoga, fitness, cosmetology, gaming, and anime. Like many of her generation, she doesn’t watch network or cable television, but spends time on YouTube or Twitch, watching her favorite streamers or latest anime episodes.  While pop-Pilates, Axolotl, and running 5ks on the treadmill got her through the pandemic, she’s ready to tackle the outdoors again, with a view to running her first 10k in 2022. Other goals include mental health awareness and personal growth. A fan of Brené Brown, Kay-Lynn enjoys the wisdom of a holistic view on self-care and balancing life’s demands. Studying karate, adding to her professional certifications and skills, and being able to do the splits also top the list.

Shamelessly independent and bolder than most think, she believes that the braver you are, the luckier you get. Loving the adrenaline rush, she’s quick to take a dare or ride the most intimidating roller coasters at Cedar Point without fear and applies the same approach to most things in life.

Perhaps her greatest passion, though, is her love of animals. KL’s current pet is Elan, a 5-year-old, cross-eyed, Lynx Point Siamese cat with a big personality. He is very talkative and loves going on quiet walks for up-close study of the wildlife and waterfowl of the neighborhood – and is kind of her everything right now.

Reflecting on life, the universe, and the future, KL muses, “I’m enjoying the balance and independence of my life right now.”