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Flint Dog Bite Lawyer

Dog bite victims in Michigan have the right to seek damages from an animal’s owner for medical expenses and related losses, but getting compensation can be challenging. Insurance companies don’t always treat claimants fairly or pay what they owe.

Christensen Law can help if you or your loved one suffered a bite injury. Our Flint personal injury lawyers will put our firm’s full resources behind getting the money you need and deserve. With decades of legal experience and a history of record-setting case outcomes, we know what it takes to secure financial justice.

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Why Hire Christensen Law for a Dog Bite Case?

Since 1991, Christensen Law has stood alongside personal injury victims, fighting to protect their rights and futures. We strive to be a voice for the unheard. When you turn to our team for help, we take time to listen to you and understand your story so we can tailor our representation to your individual needs.

Our lawyers and staff are compassionate and responsive with clients and aggressive with insurance companies and opposing counsel. We prepare every case for trial and will take your issue to civil court if needed.

When you work with us, we handle case details so you can focus on healing or caring for your injured loved one. Our Flint dog bite lawyers will:

  • Investigate your animal attack and gather case evidence
  • Prove your right to personal injury compensation
  • Identify and calculate your losses
  • Prepare and file insurance claims and legal paperwork
  • Communicate with involved parties on your behalf
  • Tirelessly negotiate for the maximum compensation possible
  • Represent you at trial if necessary

How We Recover Dog Bite Injury Compensation

Most homeowners and renters insurance policies pay for dog bites, including injuries occurring off of the covered property. According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), Michigan ranks number four in the nation for most dog bite insurance claims, with the average cost per claim at just over $69,000.

If you suffered a dog bite injury, our attorneys will pursue every cent owed for your losses. Compensation may include:

  • Current and future medical expenses – including ambulance transportation, emergency department services, hospital and doctor fees, physical therapy and rehabilitation, medications, and mobility aids
  • Lost income – including lost wages and employment benefits, lost future earnings, and reduced earning capacity
  • Personal property – including electronics, jewelry, or other personal items damaged during the dog attack
  • Household services – including assistance with cooking, cleaning, and childcare
  • Pain and suffering – including disfigurement, scarring, permanent and disabling injuries, post-traumatic stress, anxiety, mental anguish and emotional distress, and diminished quality of life
  • Wrongful death of a loved one – including medical bills, funeral and burial expenses, and loss of your loved one’s financial support, services, companionship, care, and other intangible benefits

Michigan Dog Bite Liability

Michigan law holds dog owners strictly liable for bites. Strict liability means they bear financial responsibility for bite injuries, regardless of their dog’s “prior viciousness” or any negligent actions on their part.

According to Mich. Comp. Laws Ann. § 287.351, strict liability applies to victims bitten on public property or lawfully on private property, including the dog owner’s property. Parties lawfully on a property include those there under expressed or implied invitation and individuals completing a legal duty, like delivering the United States mail.

Exceptions to Strict Liability

There are situations when strict liability may not apply: Dog owners may not be strictly liable when:

  • The victim provoked the dog
  • The victim was trespassing when bitten
  • The bite occurred while the dog was carrying out a duty as an active police or military service animal

In addition, strict liability applies only to dog bites, not other animal-related injuries. For example, if a dog chased you and you tripped and broke your arm, you would need to establish owner negligence to obtain compensation. You would also need to establish owner negligence for injuries caused by any other type of pet, such as cat bites or scratches.

Our Flint dog bite attorneys assist with strict liability claims and claims based on negligence. Negligence may include violating Flint animal control ordinances, which state that dog owners cannot let their animals “run at large” inside city limits.

How Might Comparative Negligence Affect Your Claim?

Michigan’s modified comparative negligence statute is another liability law that may affect your dog bite case. Mich. Comp. Laws Ann. § 600.2959 states that personal injury victims can seek compensation from liable parties proportionate to their degree of fault for an accident, and any fault the victim bears will reduce their awards.

So, say you have $100,000 in dog bite damages, but the court finds you 30 percent liable for your injury. You would receive $70,000. However, if you are more than 50 percent at fault, the court will bar you from seeking non-economic damages.

Insurance companies know the law, so it will also affect claims. Insurance adjusters and opposing counsel may try to blame you for your animal attack to reduce their clients’ financial responsibility. We will defend you from these tactics. Call [PHONE NUMBER] or contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

We Will Build Your Flint Dog Bite Case

Dog bites can cause severe injuries, and animal attacks can be traumatic. Our firm wants you to be able to turn your time and energy toward your physical, mental, and emotional recovery. When you enlist our help, you can rest assured your case is in good hands, and we are fighting for full and fair compensation. Our legal team will:

  • Visit the scene of your accident to collect available physical evidence and take photos and video
  • Obtain available cell phone or surveillance footage of the incident
  • Locate and interview eyewitnesses
  • Hire and consult with medical professionals and other case experts when needed
  • Get copies of your medical records and medical bills
  • Investigate prior complaints against the dog or dog owner, if applicable
  • Collect invoices, pay stubs, receipts, and other proof of your losses

How Long Do You Have to Pursue Dog Bite Damages?

Mich. Comp. Laws Ann. § 600.5805 sets a three-year statute of limitations on personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits. If you do not file your dog bite case before the deadline expires, the court will likely refuse your suit.

This time limit will also influence your insurance claims. You will no longer have leverage over the insurance company if you cannot take legal action. You could end up with a reduced or denied settlement and no recourse.

Dog Bite Complications and Treatments

Dog bite injuries can be severe. Some bite wounds become infected, leading to further complications. Victims may also suffer crush injuries, broken bones, nerve damage, scarring, rabies, and tetanus.

Medical treatment for dog bites can be significant, ongoing, and expensive. Victims may require:

  • Antibiotic treatments
  • Surgeries and cosmetic procedures
  • Shots and vaccinations
  • Stitches
  • Casts or wound immobilization

StatPearls reports that around 300,000 people visit emergency departments in the U.S. annually for dog bite injuries. Sadly, 30 to 50 people die from dog bites every year.

What To Do After a Dog Bite in Flint, Michigan

If a dog bit you or your loved one, clean the wound thoroughly and monitor the bite closely. You should seek treatment, particularly if the wound is a deep puncture, bleeds persistently, or shows any signs of infection.

Contact Genesee County Animal Control to report your bite. The agency may be able to provide you with information about the dog’s vaccinations and whether they are up to date. Reporting will create a record for your claim.

You should also take the following steps to protect your health and rights.

  • Follow your doctor’s orders and attend all future medical appointments.
  • Refrain from posting about the animal attack or your injuries on social media.
  • File your insurance claims promptly. Doing so will ensure you meet any deadlines outlined in the applicable policies. It also protects you from allegations that your injuries did not occur from an animal bite.
  • Consider contacting our attorneys. As soon as you contract our services, we can get to work collecting and preserving case evidence.
  • If an insurance agent contacts you, be polite, but do not discuss the dog bite incident in detail. Do not accept fault, agree to give a recorded statement, or accept an initial settlement offer. Instead, tell the insurance adjuster to contact your attorney.

Contact Christensen Law About Your Flint, MI, Dog Bite

You do not have to fight for compensation alone. You can enlist the help of the experienced and compassionate legal team at Christensen Law. We fight for victims like we would our own families because we genuinely care about our clients and know how critical financial awards are to getting their lives back on track.

When your health and future are on the line, you can put your trust in our Flint dog bite lawyers. We will be a powerful and persistent ally and remain in your corner until we resolve your legal issue. With our no-fee guarantee, you only pay us if and when we obtain the money you need. Contact us online or call our number today for a free consultation.