Why Hit and Run Accidents are Different

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No one wants to get into an auto accident. The pain, cost, and hassle involved in recovering from a serious crash is enough to give anyone headaches. But one kind of crash is more challenging than the rest: the hit and run accident.

Hit and Run Accidents Leave You Without Someone to Sue

The challenge of hit and run accidents comes from what is missing: a defendant. Even though the police work hard to track down drivers who leave the scene of an injury accident, all too often the defendant goes unfound. And that can cause problems in serious injury accidents because it leaves you with without someone to sue.

In the most serious auto accidents, no-fault benefits aren’t enough. Injured motorists and their families rely on the substantial, forward-looking damage awards from Third Party negligence lawsuits to support themselves. Recovering from a serious hit and run accident can take years. While no-fault benefits will pay your medical bills, what about your rent? No-fault lost wages benefits run out after 3 years. It is the negligence award that carries you through the rest of your recovery. Without a defendant to sue, some injured motorists are left without a way to pay for that recovery.

Hit and Run Drivers Can Complicate No-Fault Benefits

Michigan’s No-Fault Act is designed to make sure no one injured in an auto accident has to bear the medical costs themselves. But which insurance policy pays the bill can be a tricky question. When a pedestrianbicyclist, or motorcyclist is hurt by a hit and run accident, it can limit their options for no-fault benefits. These cases sometimes depend on the owner or driver of the vehicle. Where that person is missing, it can force injured parties to rush to file applications with the Assigned Claims Plan, sometimes even before the police investigation is over.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage Can Fill the Gap

Michigan motorists know that the risk of a hit and run accident is real. So many have voluntarily taken steps to protect themselves from an uninsured or missing driver. Most auto insurance companies offer an uninsured motorist policy (also called underinsured motorist coverage). These policies allow the policy holder to file a claim any time he or she would be legally allowed to collect damages against a negligent defendant, but that defendant isn’t able to pay the bill.

After a hit and run accident, it is especially important that you get the help of an experienced hit and run lawyer right away. The Christensen Law team can help you identify the right insurance policies, and get the applications filed on time. We will fight to make sure all of your recovery needs are met, so you can focus on getting back to your life. Contact Christensen Law today to schedule a free consultation and get the process started.