How will people who’ve had severe brain injuries be impacted by the changes in the law?

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Traumatic brain injury is very common in car accidents. The forces are so great and the brain can be so fragile. With Michigan’s unlimited PIP coverage that we had for 45 years, Michigan developed the best brain injury specialists and the best brain injury rehab clinics in the entire United States. People come from all over the country to treat in Michigan’s brain injury clinics. However, the changes that are coming under the current price controls are unfortunately going to force many of these facilities to close their doors.

Someone who is injured under the new law will only be covered by the amount of personal injury protection that he or she has purchased. Hopefully, it’s unlimited. If it’s less than that, if it’s $500,000 or $250,000, that will probably be gone before the victim is out of the hospital. There may be no money left for rehabilitation. So many people will just not have the ability to attain the same recoveries that victims could in the past.

With facilities closing and brain injury patients running out of money for care, it is going to be a sad situation if it isn’t rectified. There will be thousands of people out of work and worse, thousands of brain injury victims that are going to be on the street, in jail, nursing homes, just sitting there.